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BURQQ Li Ying Chua Famous Singapore Youtuber Sex Clip Leaked!

Li Ying Chua aka BURQQ Famous Influencer Singapore Nude Porn Leak Out!

Li Ying Chua is one of the popular online influencer and Youtuber in Singapore. If you have connected in online community for long time, you will definitely watch one of the her YouTube videos.

Li Ying Chua aka BURQQ is extremely cute girl who has attractive smile but also illogical sexy body figure for Asian girls.

Chua Li Ying (Burqq) nude swimsuit
Chua Li Ying (Burqq) nude swimsuit

We know that most of Asian girls are more toward petite body figure. However, it does not applied to BURQQ.

She has extremely huge nude boobs just like Janella Ooi bunnyjanjan.

She has huge tits that cannot be grab by using single hand. Not to mention, she also has tasty juicy ass that lure us to taste it!

Chua Li Ying (Burqq) black shirt hot sexy
Chua Li Ying (Burqq) black shirt hot sexy

BURQQ is sporty girl who love do a lot of outdoor and indoor sports which include gym, running, hiking and more!

Image to do sport together with BURQQ, her sexy ass, sweet smile and bouncing boobs. What a wonderful moment that can enjoy for the rest of the life.

Recently, she graduated from oversea university. She studied degree in dental. For sure, there are long queue when Li Ying Chua aka BURQQ open her dental clinic in Singapore. I will definitely book it!


Why I said so? This is because in past few months, she had release her fan service nude videos to her subscribers!

She live stream her nude body to her fans. At first, she is topless while interact with her fans and this slowly move to the extreme,

BURQQ is masturbathing infront of her fans and with nude naked body. Viewers are watch her nude boobs clearly.

burqq sexy ass
burqq sexy ass

Luckily, one of her fans manage to save down BURQQ masturbating’s sex video and share it with us here. Her hot nude body is similar to Melody Low.

Currently, there are not any sex videos released by her anymore but you may continue to check out her social media accounts such as Instagram for her latest activities.

Who know you might able to checkout her homemade fan service sex video in the next few months? Just stay stunned with us at R18porn for the latest leaked porn!

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